Developing a Positive Classroom Climate
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Developing a Positive Classroom Climate - IDEA Paper 61


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Developing a Positive Classroom Climate

Classroom climate is a broad construct, made up of students’ feelings about their instructor and peers. Although there is a plethora of research on the effects of classroom climate on student outcomes at the secondary level, there is a relative dearth of such research on the post secondary level. However, much of the research that does exist shows that students’ perceptions of classroom climate at the post secondary level have a great impact on learning, motivation, satisfaction, and achievement. This paper will thus provide strategies to help instructors promote positive interpersonal relationships in the classroom, which increases student connectedness, thereby improving classroom climate. Instructors should always consider how their behaviors may be interpreted by their students and keep the classroom climate in mind when developing courses and lesson plans. Doing so is likely to increase positive outcomes for students as well as levels of satisfaction for the instructor.

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