IDEA Notes on Learning

As a resource to support improved student learning, these succinct Notes are useful to anyone wanting to address specific ways to facilitate learning on the following learning objectives which are central to the IDEA Student Ratings of Instruction System.

Choosing Learning Objectives

The selection of Learning Objectives is an essential part of the IDEA Student Ratings of Instruction System. This short video provides an overview on how to select Objectives to provide feedback relevant to the course.

IDEA Learning Objectives

  1. Gaining a basic understanding of the subject (e.g., factual knowledge, methods, principles, generalizations, theories)
  2. Developing knowledge and understanding of diverse perspectives, global awareness, or other cultures
  3. Learning to Apply Course Material (to improve thinking, problem solving, and decisions)
  4. Developing specific skills, competencies, and points of view needed by professionals in the field most closely related to this course
  5. Acquiring skills in working with others as a member of a team
  6. Developing creative capacities (inventing, designing, writing, performing in art, music, drama, etc.)
  7. Gaining a broader understanding and appreciation of intellectual/cultural activity
  8. Developing skill in expressing myself orally or in writing
  9. Learning how to find, evaluate, and use resources to explore a topic in depth
  10. Developing ethical reasoning and/or ethical decision making
  11. Learning to analyze and critically evaluate ideas, arguments, and points of view
  12. Learning to apply knowledge and skills to benefit others or serve the public good
  13. Learning appropriate methods for collecting, analyzing, and interpreting numerical information

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