Implementation Guide – Chair

This document is intended to assist those who are tasked with implementing the Feedback System for Chairs, whether it is the chair, his or her administrator, an administrative assistant, or support staff. Any questions regarding the Feedback System for Chairs can be directed to  Additional support documents include the Best Practices for Chairs and the Implementation Timeline and Checklist. 

Section I: Campus Environment for Rating Chair Performance

Pre-Implementation Considerations
There are a number of considerations and recommendations that should be addressed by the chair or his or her direct supervisor prior to the start of the surveys to assist in the successful implementation of the Feedback System. These items include clarifying the purpose of the survey, identifying faculty/respondents, if and how to use additional questions, establishing a plan to communicate or share results, plus a guide for completing the Chair Self-Assessment and interpreting the results. 

*Special Note: Surveys will only be administered as part of an institution’s official feedback process, with the chair’s consent, or at the chair’s initiation. This must be verified on the Feedback for Chairs Survey Request Form.

It is strongly recommended that the Best Practices for Chairs document be reviewed prior to implementing the feedback system and used as a guide throughout the entire process.

Prepare the Campus
Communication to Department/Faculty

It is essential that the chair, or those requesting the process, prepare the department via email prior to the online delivery of the surveys. For best practices on what to consider when drafting the communiqué, including a sample letter of introduction, reference Best Practices for Chairs. The important thing is to be sure that faculty are aware of the process that is occurring, how the information will be used, and what to expect. It is also important to share IDEA’s commitment to confidentiality.

Section II: Logistics

Complete the IDEA Feedback System for Chairs Survey Request Form

After all pre-implementation discussions and plans have been made, the IDEA Feedback System for Chairs Survey Request Form should be submitted. To obtain the link to the form, email or go to Contact Us and select Chair Feedback System as the subject.

The IDEA Feedback System for Chairs Survey Request Form is a web-based document that provides step-by-step instructions for completion. The following information is required:

Survey Administration Information

The institution determines when the surveys will be distributed along with establishing the frequency of email reminders to those who have not completed the survey. The Chair Self-Assessment and Faculty Perceptions of Chair surveys can run simultaneously or at different times.

  • Chair Self-Assessment Form Start and End Dates and Email Reminder Frequency
  • Faculty Perceptions of Chair Start and End Dates and Email Reminder Frequency

Primary Contact Information (Institution Name, Contact Name, Title, Department, Phone Number, Email Address)

The Primary Contact is the individual who is taking responsibility to initiate the IDEA Feedback process, verifying that the survey process is being conducted as part of the formal institutional process or that the administrator being rated has consented to the process, receiving the report when finalized, and serving as the general contact person for IDEA about this request.

Billing Contact Information (Institution Name, Contact Name, Mailing Address, Phone Number, Email Address)

Billing Contact is the individual to whom an invoice will be sent at the conclusion of a survey.

Information on Chairs to be Rated

  • First and Last Name, Job Title and Unit, and Email Address for each chair being rated at this time (add a row for each additional chair)
  • Rater Email Addresses for each chair being rated at this time (please note that at least two raters are required for each chair, or data cannot be reported). A sample format is provided on the Survey Request Form.
  • Additional Questions and Response Options for each chair being rated at this time. Indicate if additional questions will be used. A maximum of 20 such questions may be added. Both fixed-response and open-ended questions may be used. Sample questions and response options are provided on the Survey Request Form.

Review and Submit

The Primary Contact indicates that he or she has the authority to request and administer the IDEA Feedback for Leadership surveys with the consent of the chair(s) listed and Submits the form. Clicking the Submit button provides an opportunity to review the information submitted.

Chair Self-Assessment survey: In order for the data to be processed, the chair being rated must complete the Chair Self-Assessment (refer to Best Practices for Chair). The chair will receive an email from IDEA with a link to the self-assessment form and instructions. IDEA recommends that the chair allow at least 20-30 minutes to complete the self-assessment in order to provide thoughtful and thorough responses. The chair can return to the self-assessment form and make modifications until the end date. An email reminder will be delivered to the chair at the requested interval until the self-assessment has been submitted or the survey end date reached.

Faculty Perceptions of Chair survey: Faculty will receive an email from IDEA with a link to the Faculty Perceptions of Chair survey. IDEA recommends that raters allow 20-30 minutes to provide meaningful feedback. While all of the responses are aggregated before being reported, individual comments and answers to open ended questions are provided verbatim. Faculty will receive email reminders at the requested interval until the survey has been submitted or the survey end date has been reached.

Final Report Distribution: Within 10 working days of the survey administration end date, the report, transcription of comments, and summary of (optional) additional question responses will be prepared and provided via email to the person identified as the Primary Contact on the Feedback System for Chairs Survey Request Form.

The report provides data and information in the form of interactive tables and charts and concludes with an executive summary of strengths, recommended areas for improvement, and suggested resources for development. Reference Best Practices for Chairs for suggestions on how to interpret and use the results.

The report is provided as an html report. If the chair or his or her supervisor wishes to archive or share the report, refer to the instructions below on how to save the file.

To share the report:

  • The chair (or designee) logs in to view the report.
  • When looking at the report, right click on the screen anywhere.
  • Select “Save As”
  • Select the option of saving as “Webpage, Complete”
  • Name the file and select the location to save. (IDEA suggests using a standardized naming system to ease the burden on those looking at multiple files, such as “SmithJ.PSY.Fall13”)
  • The whole report is now saved as an interactive html file. The report can now be shared as needed, and that person should be able to interact with the report.

Section III

Statement of Confidentiality

One of the critical considerations in the development and administration of IDEA Leadership Feedback Systems is ensuring the confidentiality of individual responses. All data are submitted directly to a secure and protected IDEA database. IDEA does track who has responded to the survey so reminders can be sent to those who have not. However, when responses are downloaded for processing, no identifying information (e-mail address, name, etc.) is linked to the data. As a result, the responses of specific individuals cannot be identified in our data. Only select IDEA staff members have access to the online system; individuals from campuses utilizing IDEA Leadership Feedback Systems do not have access to the system or data.

The IDEA Leadership Feedback Systems do allow for respondents to make comments to open-ended questions. Responses to these questions are provided verbatim to the chair. The survey instructions advise that individuals should avoid comments that could reveal their identities.  In addition, we advise that individuals completing the survey should adhere to a high level of professionalism and refrain from using inappropriate or threatening comments that could result in legal action that would compel IDEA to break confidentiality.

Reports are emailed directly to the person identified as the campus contact on the initial request form.

Download a PDF of the Statement