Feedback System for Chairs

The Feedback System for Chairs provides feedback and analysis, as well as a customized plan for professional development based on priorities determined by the chair.

Features of the Feedback System for Chairs:

  • Customized analysis based on the priority level assigned to each responsibility by the chair
  • Interactive web-based report that provides:
    • detailed statistical information about how faculty responded to each question, faculty responses to open-ended questions, and summary ratings of overall effectiveness
    • gap analysis allowing chairs to reflect on comparisons of their self-ratings to those of their faculty
    • an analysis of chair strengths and areas for improvement
    • recommendations and direct links to developmental resources
  • Option to add up to 20 additional custom questions
  • Online delivery with automatic email reminders to faculty to improve response rate
  • Mechanisms to maintain and protect the confidentiality of respondents

Elements of the System

Chair Self-Assessment – Prioritize responsibilities and reflect on administrative methods and personal characteristics via online survey.

Faculty Perceptions of Chair – Collect confidential, constructive feedback. Customized questions can be added to further assess unique departmental and personal goals.

Chair Report – Receive an interactive, web-based report containing detailed statistical information, a customized summary of strengths, recommended areas for improvement and suggested resources for development.


Implementation Guide – This section contains information and resources to assist those who are tasked with implementing the Feedback System for Chairs, whether it is the chair, his or her administrator, an administrative assistant, or support staff.

Implementation Checklist – The following is a timeline that allows ample time for conducting necessary conversations on campus, including communication with campus departments as necessary, and for coordination with IDEA for survey delivery.

Best Practices – Helpful information and clarification regarding intent, process, and features. 


Technical Report 21 – Updated Technical Manual for the IDEA Feedback System for Chairs