Feedback System for Administrators

IDEA’s web-based Feedback System for Administrators solicits input on 10 pivotal administrative roles and gathers impressions on leadership styles and personal characteristics, job performance, and ratings of confidence in future leadership, while also identifying areas for improvement as observed by core constituents.

Features of the Feedback System for Administrators:

  • Includes opportunity for administrator to provide self-assessment of administrative roles and personal characteristics
  • Provides an option of rater subgroup results. This allows an administrator to reflect on any possible differences that specific constituencies may have.
  • Assesses strengths and weaknesses associated with leadership style and personal characteristics and is designed to offer suggestions for improving administrative performance
  • Summarizes ratings of overall job performance and confidence in the administrator
  • Includes detailed statistical information about how raters responded to each question, permitting an in-depth analysis of specific concerns
  • Produces a report of responses to open-ended comments
  • Option to add up to 20 custom questions

Elements of the System

Administrator Information Form – Opportunity for the administrator to complete a self-assessment of roles and skills, as well as provide information about their position.

Impressions of Administrators – Through confidential online administration, core constituents are asked to reflect on and provide fair and honest representations of administrators’ overall performance in key areas. Up to 20 customized questions can be added to further assess unique departmental/unit and personal goals.

Feedback Report – Combined with the administrator’s self-assessment, the resulting gap analysis can further guide deep personal reflection to improve administrative effectiveness.=


Implementation Guide – This document is intended to assist those who are tasked with implementing the Feedback System for Administrators, whether it is the chair, his or her administrator, an administrative assistant, or support staff.

Implementation Checklist – The following is a timeline that allows ample time for conducting necessary conversations on campus, including communication with campus departments as necessary, and for coordination with IDEA for survey delivery.

Best Practices – Helpful information and clarification regarding intent, process, and features. Best practices and suggested activities are located throughout the document for your convenience.


Technical Report 20 – Updated Technical Manual for the IDEA Feedback System for Administrators