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Publications and Resources

  • IDEA Papers – The IDEA Paper series, begun in 1979, is one of IDEA’s most recognizable resources. IDEA Papers are a national forum for the publication of peer-reviewed articles pertaining to the general areas of teaching and learning, faculty evaluation, curriculum design, assessment, and administration in higher education.
  • IDEA Research Digest – The IDEA Research Digest summarizes current research in the areas of teaching and learning, faculty evaluation and development, student ratings of instruction, and leadership development in higher education. Each precis reflects key points in a recently published article. The intent is to summarize, not to critically analyze or offer an opinion.
  • Research and Technical Reports -The revised IDEA form was first administered in the fall of 1998. The IDEA Center’s research staff has conducted a variety of studies since that time. These studies have sought to advance our understanding of teaching and learning and improve the use and interpretation of information provided to IDEA users. Research and Technical Reports have been written to summarize the research done and explain the results.

We are pleased to partner with the following groups committed to providing excellent teaching and learning resources for the field:

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