Navigating Learning Analytics in Higher Education
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Navigating Learning Analytics in Higher Education - IDEA Paper 82


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Navigating Learning Analytics in Higher Education

Although learning analytics is a growing movement within higher education, it can be difficult for faculty as well as those who provide pedagogical design and support (i.e. educational developers, center for teaching and learning professionals) to keep up with the literature surrounding such an evolving field. This paper describes the emergence and definition of learning analytics and summarizes current uses of learning analytics through three categories: descriptive, diagnostic, and predictive. The authors also discuss needs and challenges of learning analytics for a range of higher-education stakeholders, including academic administrators, faculty members, front-line administrators, and students. An exploration of the data literacy needed for each of these stakeholder groups is also provided. After reading this paper, faculty and pedagogical design and support professionals will have a better understanding of what learning analytics are, as well as ideas for how they might utilize this technology to improve student outcomes.  

Keywords: assessment, evaluation, learning analytics, predictive analytics, faculty, pedagogical design and support professionals

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