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The IDEA Student Ratings of Instruction (SRI) is like no other system available for translating informative course feedback into actionable steps to improve student learning. 

Students give feedback on teaching and learning based on their direct course experience, providing faculty with relevant information that when coupled with IDEA’s robust resources - such as our research and teaching and learning support - can ultimately guide and strengthen teaching.

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Student voice matters

"Certainly, students are not experts qualified to evaluate us on, say, whether we used the best and most applicable course readings. But they are experts on what they experienced and learned in a course, and they ought to have a voice."

In Defense (Sort of) of Student Evaluations of Teaching - Chronicle of Higher Education, May 2018 
(Author Kevin Gannon is a professor of history at Grand View University and director of its Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning. Grand View University is an IDEA client-partner.)


At IDEA, we have a philosophy that Student Voice Matters. 
Here's what we mean by that...


  • Our instrument is built on more than 45 years of research.  No other course feedback system has our rich history.
  • The SRI, powered by Campus Labs, our technology partner, is built on an interactive, user-friendly, accessible online platform.  Easy for students to use and easy for faculty to implement.
  • The system controls for extraneous circumstances (e.g. class size, student motivation), and provides comparative scores.
  • Faculty receive customized reports with feedback including proven resources for improvement in highly specified areas.  
  • Faculty and administrators can easily integrate data into program planning, decision making, and institutional review processes.
  • Campuses can align their use of IDEA systems with their particular accreditation or professional standards program with easy-to-use resources to track, document, and report progress.

Take a quick tour of our student ratings of instruction (it's a really good overview!)

Want to know more? Take a deeper look at the tools that make up our Student Ratings of Instruction.

IDEA utilizes data produced by our client partners for the purpose of establishing benchmark, peer, and national comparative data.  As well as for the purpose of conducting research to forward knowledge in the field. All institution data is the property of the individual institution and IDEA does not identify institutions or individuals at institutions in its use of the data. IDEA takes every precaution to ensure data remains disassociated from individual institutions in its work.  Please read IDEA's Statement of Confidentiality [PDF] for additional detail.

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