Feedback System for Chairs - Resources

The information in your Report together with the analysis and recommendations in the Executive Summary are intended to guide your personal development so that you can make the largest impact on your department. Below, you will find resources to assist you in this professional growth.  

IDEA Papers related to Chair responsibilities
Team Teaching - IDEA Paper #55
Reflective Ethical Inquiry: Preparing Students for Life - IDEA Paper #54
Active Learning Strategies in Face-to-Face Courses - IDEA Paper #53
Considerations in Online Course Design - IDEA Paper #52
Using Graphic Organizers to Improve Teaching and Learning - IDEA Paper #51
Effective Classroom Discussions  - IDEA Paper #49
Strategies to Improve Student Writing - IDEA Paper #48
Promoting Deep Learning - IDEA Paper #47
Effective Lecturing - IDEA Paper #46
Student Goal Orientation, Motivation, and Learning - IDEA Paper #41
Getting Students to Read: Fourteen Tips - IDEA Paper #40
Enhancing Learning and More! Through Cooperative Learning - IDEA Paper #38
Helping Your Students Develop Critical Thinking Skills - IDEA Paper #37

The Academic Chairpersons Conference is an annual forum where academic chairpersons, administrators, and faculty from all areas of higher education share the most successful, innovative ideas and strategies to assist each other in becoming more effective in their positions. The perspectives shared emphasize the practical aspects of chairing. IDEA cosponsors this conference with Kansas State University.

The New Chair Alliance connects and supports new chairs at a similar stage in leadership growth through a pre-conference workshop followed by the two day chairperson’s conference. The workshop is designed to provide a learning environment in which new chairs learn best practices and participate in collaborative exchange.



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