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We consult with colleges, universities, and organizations serving higher education to solve problems and improve outcomes. 

Using principles from Design Thinking and Lean Startup, we help campuses make thoughtful, incremental decisions that are realistic and manageable. Once you have created and launched an entire program to solve a problem, it’s too late to discover the approach is not the right one for you. Our consultants help campuses take smaller, testable steps to achieve an approach that produces desired results before throwing everything into one effort that might not work.

From phone conversations to webinars, workshops, and comprehensive campus visits, IDEA offers a number of options to identify and address specific challenges, at the department level or institution-wide.

Take a look at the list of Consulting topics below to get a better idea of how we can support you. Don't see what you're looking for?  Fill out the Information Request Form and let us know what you need.

IDEA Consulting services are available to both current clients and non-clients.  

balanced faculty evaluation Our most requested service...

IDEA consultants are experienced in helping campuses create a balanced faculty evaluation process that considers an array of data in evaluating how well faculty teach. Faculty evaluation should be comprehensive, and fair, and include the voice of the student as well as other sources of information such as peer feedback, portfolios, or self-reflection. Let us help you develop a balanced process at your institution that fits your campus priorities and needs. 

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other consulting topics

Curriculum Solutions: Integrated Curriculum Development and Accreditation Alignment

Developing an Integrated Curriculum

IDEA consultants are experienced in helping faculty and administrators take stock of institutional and program curriculum in a thoughtful way resulting in a clear plan for what needs to change and what is fine just the way it is. From a simple discussion about the issue to a thorough, hand-holding process of working through the curriculum on your campus, we can help you ensure an integrated curriculum that works effectively for students and faculty as well as meeting accreditation needs. Through curriculum mapping for the institution, programs, gen ed and individual courses, we will help you identify gaps or repetitions and areas of weakness. Convincing faculty of the importance of examining the program and institutional curriculum is an important part of the process, and we will help you involve faculty in the important decision-making process.  

Accreditation Alignment

IDEA’s strategic advisory services provides consulting on accreditation standards that require improvement to be achieved through an ongoing and systematic cycle of evaluation, integrated planning, implementation, and re-evaluation. By building capacity for analytics, our consultants will guide your institution to engage in self-analysis leading to improvement in all areas of learning and teaching.

Faculty Solutions: Faculty Needs Assessment

Faculty Needs Assessment

It is important to know for sure what the needs are on your campus before spending a lot of time, and money, creating things like a new center for teaching or educational technology. By surveying faculty and staff, conducting focus groups, and/or evaluating current services, IDEA consultants can provide insight--and an outside perspective--that can be very useful in deciding whether or not to create a new service or how to structure one.  

Improving Faculty Development

IDEA consultants are experienced faculty developers with insights into running successful Teaching and Learning Centers. Let us identify areas for improvement in how faculty development is done on your campus whether you are just getting started or have a well-developed program. Our external perspective, coupled with a keen understanding of best practices, can help you start or refine your efforts. 

Leadership Solutions: Chair and Admin Leadership Development

Chair Leadership Development

IDEA consultants are experienced in departmental, chair leadership and helping others develop those skills. Our guidance can help chairs understand the importance of key factors in the successful guidance of an academic department including leading faculty, overseeing budgets, managing the curriculum, promoting the department, and navigating the wider institution processes and politics. 

Faculty to Administrator Transition

IDEA consultants come from a variety of faculty and administrative leadership positions at colleges and universities across the country. They can work with faculty making the transition to an administrative position to avoid common pitfalls, identify their own needs for skill development, and coach them through specific challenges

Data Solutions

Survey Development and Data Analytics

IDEA specialists bring a deep understanding and experience with survey design and data analysis to the table. We can evaluate items you’ve created or help you create them, determine what data you need to answer questions and the best ways to collect those data. By analyzing existing data you collect from different sources on your campus, our specialists can help you evaluate programs or identify issues as well as create evidence for accreditation purposes. Or if the data do not exist, we can help devise appropriate data collection strategies, including survey design and data collection, to acquire useful data that provides valuable insights.

Data Analysis

IDEA's team of researchers and statisticians develops quantitative data collection systems and manages large data sets. We conduct higher-order statistical analyses (e.g., regression modeling, Bayesian Model Averaging, structural equation modeling, factor analysis, multivariate analyses).   

Available Services

  • SPSS, R, and Amos statistical packages
  • Custom data analysis of IDEA SRI such as an SRI Diversity/demographics report, an SRI Student success report, or longitudinal analysis
  • Data analysis of home-grown instruments
  • Report writing 

Pre- and Post- Grant Award Services

IDEA researchers consult with campuses on research designs for proposal development and/or can be included as a resource for analyzing data collected from a funded project. 

Consultation and workshops can also be built on topics such as:

  • Literature review and report writing
  • Balanced faculty evaluations
  • Implementing data-informed decision making on your campus
  • Assistance in analyzing your Aggregate Data File (ADF)

Campus Solutions: Change and Conflict Management, Identifying Bias, Student Affairs Assessment

Change Management

We can help you identify areas for improvement in how change is managed on your campus whether you are just getting started or have a well-developed initiative. Our external perspective, coupled with a keen understanding of best practices, can help you start or refine your efforts. IDEA specialists are PROSCI Change Management Certified Practitioners with insights into the Prosci 3-Phase change management methodology. We use the Prosci ADKAR® Model to structure communications, training and resistance management to help you implement successful transitions.    


Conflict Management

IDEA consultants can help your campus identify areas for improvement in how conflict is managed. Using workplace examples, faculty and staff will explore conflict management skills and work toward resolution of real issues. Using classroom examples, participants will examine positive, challenging and active learning environments. They will also explore student engagement and motivation strategies and their bearing on student success. Our external perspective, coupled with a keen understanding of best practices, can help you resolve and preempt conflicts in departments and across campus.  

Issues in Higher Education

IDEA consultants are available to consult on and develop workshops for a myriad of topics.  

Here is a sampling:

  • Identifying and Dealing with Bias 
  • Developing Effective Faculty Evaluation Systems 
  • Measuring Civic Engagement 
  • Providing Adjunct Support 

Student Affairs Assessment

IDEA can help you with all aspects of Student Affairs assessment including: creating learning outcomes and assessment plans, assessment implementation, reporting, data informed decision-making from assessment data. Let IDEA help you collect and analyze student affairs data to improve student learning and student success in any co-curricular setting. 

Select what works best for you

  • Single consultation. Work with an IDEA consultant about a particular issue that includes a review of relevant materials and exploration of solutions in two conversations. 

  • Webinar. During a one-hour webinar with as many people on your campus as necessary, our specialists will lay out strategies tailored to the needs and issues of your campus. Participants come away with a game plan for next steps. 

  • Five, one-hour consultations. An IDEA consultant will work with you virtually (phone or web conferencing) to explore the issues facing your campus and to explore solutions over a period of time to allow the opportunity to develop and try-out solutions and make adjustments. 

  • On-campus workshop or consultation. Bring the IDEA specialist to campus for face-to-face consultation or a workshop. 

  • Year-long consultation. Get help as you work on your targeted issue throughout the year. An on-campus visit, as well as web conferences and phone calls as needed through the year to guide the campus to a successful completion of the project.



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