Resources for Faculty Developers

If you are an official faculty developer, faculty member, department chair, or other leader interested in helping faculty improve teaching and learning, these resources are for you.

Faculty Needs Survey

The Faculty Needs Survey is a free resource for use in gathering feedback on faculty perceptions of : 
  • Planning Instruction
  • Teaching Challenges
  • Scholarship Needs
  • Preferences for faculty development
  • General work environment

IDEA can administer the survey for you or you can use the questions on your own platform. This service is available for both IDEA client partners and non-clients.

Please fill out this brief form of interest and a member of our staff be in touch.

Starting a New Center for Teaching and Learning

Whether you are just thinking about it, already started planning, or have recently launched a new center, these resources may help you implement an effective Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) on your campus.

On January 31, 2019, IDEA and the POD Network collaborated on this webinar for those in the initial stages of planning or launching a new CTL.  Listen in.


A Conversation in Three Parts

These audio recordings provide listeners with insight from four people who have built at least one center from the ground up.  

How do you get started creating a new CTL? Hear Laura Cruz of Penn State and Michele Parker from UNC Wilmington explore the do's and don'ts.

What do you do with your CTL once you start it? Listen to Brian Smentkowski of the University of Idaho and Marina Smitherman of Dalton State College in Georgia discuss ideas for the early stages of running a new CTL.

What should you be doing to lay foundations for the future of your Center? Hear Laura Cruz of Penn State and Brian Smentkowski of the University of Idaho explore ideas about creating the future you want for your Center.

Other Resources

Sample CTL Mission Statements

Humboldt State University CTL Mission: The Center for Teaching and Learning mission is to cultivate partnerships and collectively inspire and innovate teaching excellence in support of student learning.

University of West Georgia Center for Teaching and Learning: The CTL supports faculty by providing professional development that promotes effective, innovative teaching, scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL), and collaboration across units and departments.

Schreyer Institute for Teaching Excellence, Penn State: The mission of the Schreyer Institute is to advance and inspire excellence in Penn State’s teaching and learning community. We define Penn State’s teaching and learning community broadly to include any person involved with Penn State students in an instructional context. We primarily work with faculty (of any rank or title) and graduate students but we count advisors, administrators and staff among our constituencies.

Specifically, we help students learn by making it easier for instructors to:

  • use effective teaching methods
  • engage all students in the learning process
  • effectively assess students’ learning
  • enhance the value of teaching excellence
  • inform decision-making about teaching and learning

Curry College Faculty Center (small college): Our mission is to engage faculty in diverse and effective professional development experiences, in anticipation of and response to faculty and institutional goals. 

We do this by offering the following programs, services, and initiatives to Curry College faculty: 

  • Collaborative consultations with faculty on innovative approaches to teaching, research/scholarship, service, and leadership. 
  • On-site opportunities to explore and learn (including emergent technologies), collaborate (in flexible, multi-use spaces), and explore (through both structured and open time). 
  • Dissemination and networking of effective faculty practices and new ideas among individuals, academic areas, the College, and the Higher Education community. 
  • Ongoing assessment of our effectiveness through multiple sources and kinds of evidence to improve and shape future work of the Center. 

Syllabi with a Purpose - Workshop Plans

These plans are provided to help your quick-start creation of workshops for faculty. 

Syllabi with a Purpose

This workshop plan uses our SoundIDEA podcast episode, The Lowly Syllabus, to spur thinking about the value of creating an intentionally learner focused syllabus.

Go to the workshop plan.

Notes on Teaching and Learning

Whether your campus uses the IDEA Student Ratings of Instruction or not, our Notes about Teaching Methods and Learning Objectives are a rich source of information. The Notes themselves provide useful insight, but in addition, they each have links to other resources that can be used for faculty development.



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