Introduced stimulating ideas about the subject

Helping students understand how a subject answers big questions gets their attention and motivates them to learn.

Do This Today

Try a little shock and awe. Start class with an extreme position on the topic of the day. When studying genes in biology for example, say something like, “if we could determine every genetic trait of offspring, we should do it to improve quality of life.” In economics, introduce the concept of basic minimum income and propose that it should be instituted as soon as possible. Hold a discussion of ten minutes or so, and as you do, bring up related concepts from your course with the idea that you are pointing out to students the need to learn more in order to fully understand the issue. In the above examples, what currently prevents us from actually choosing every trait, and in economics, what do we know about the effects of providing a minimum income or the budgeting that could make it work? 

Remember that this is just an example of how to get started
 with this Teaching Method.



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