Encouraged students to reflect on and evaluate what they have learned

Helping students "think about their thinking" is an important tool in helping them master course content as well as improve their strategies for learning. There are a number of approaches from simple to complex helping students acquire skills in "metacognition."

Do This Today

Save ten minutes at the end of your next class and have students take out a piece of paper. Direct them to draw a concept map, diagram, or other visual representation of the day’s main concepts without looking at their notes. If appropriate, provide them with a blank or partially completed diagram as a prompt. Push them to briefly describe each part and represent it as meaningfully as possible and to place question marks on parts they do not remember or do not understand well-enough to represent. If there is time, ask them to go back to their notes and use them to fill-in missing pieces, or compare their work with a partner in class to see which parts the other student can complete for them.

Remember that this is just an example of how to get started
 with this Teaching Method.



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