Demonstrated the importance and significance of the subject matter

Whether they are taking a course just because it is a requirement or because they thought it would be interesting, all students need to understand why the content of a course matters. This affects not only motivation but also their understanding of how this course relates to other knowledge and skills.

Do This Today

Look for current-event applications for concepts in your classes, and bring those into class regularly. Students may not be aware of the specific event--so you may need to quickly bring them up to speed on it--but showing how course content helps explain things or can be used to solve a problem helps demonstrate how the subject matter in your course is important and useful. Keep in mind that there doesn’t have to be a one-to-one correspondence between your discipline and the issue. A political current event, for example, can be a good example to show how math can be used to provide answers or how a scientific process can illuminate the issue.

Remember that this is just an example of how to get started
 with this Teaching Method.



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