Created opportunities for students to apply course content outside the classroom

"Experiential learning" is an effective strategy for helping students deepen understanding of content, understand its utility, and motivate them to learn.

Do This Today

After explaining a concept during class, assign students to find a real-world example of the concept or a real-world way to apply the learned concept. For example, if you are teaching a math concept, assign students to go to a physical place to practice it such as figuring out geometric relations between buildings on campus. Or if you are teaching history, sociology, or any social science, have students interview someone with direct experience on the topic and come back to class with a brief summary of what they learned when comparing theory to their interviewee’s point-of-view. In a science class, look for opportunities for students to find examples of the phenomena you are discussing in class: collecting biological specimens, of course; taking photos of chemical or physical properties in action, etc.

Remember that this is just an example of how to get started
 with this Teaching Method.



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