Using Instant Feedback

Instant Feedback is a tool you can use at any time during a course to gather formative feedback. That is, feedback that can help you make adjustments to the course during the course rather than after the fact when it is too late for the students in the course.

So you might, for example, ask students to complete the feedback at the end of a class that was particularly challenging, or after using a new instructional method, or teaching a topic for the first time. Using six of the items from Teaching Essentials instrument and the global question, “You understood the material covered today—yes or no” the feedback will help you decide if you need to backup and revisit some parts of the unit or can continue.    

You can administer Instant Feedback as often as you wish. The results are only seen by you, not by administrators or anyone else. You get results emailed to you almost immediately after the survey ends.  

The quick Instant Feedback Instrument:

See the items on the Instant Feedback instrument.

How to use Instant Feedback

The Instant Feedback tool must be enabled by your On-Campus Coordinator. Once enabled, you can use it as many times as you wish during the semester. You can set the survey to end automatically two hours after it begins, or you can manually end it after a class. Either way, your results are emailed to you almost immediately.   Keep in mind that student enrollments must be setup in your campus system before students can access the survey. Be sure to communicate with your On-Campus Coordinator about this so that you know when enrollments are complete and students are able to access the survey. 

You send students to the survey just like you do the end-of-term surveys. You direct them to your campus portal for surveys:    

From their course list, they will see the Instant Feedback link for your course. The survey can be completed in less than a minute.   

It is recommended that when you use Instant Feedback in face-to-face courses, you ask students to complete it before leaving the classroom so as to capture the feedback immediately for your use. In online courses, students could complete Instant Feedback at any time after a unit or lesson.      


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