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A clear nexus exists between the IDEA Student Ratings of Instruction System and standards for accreditation in higher education. While originally developed to focus on the effectiveness of individual instructors, IDEA’s emphasis on specific student learning objectives makes it a highly useful tool for assessing programs or groups of courses as well. When combining data across courses, the focus of the question is changed from “How am I doing and what might I do to improve?” to “How are we doing in supporting student learning and what might we do to improve?”

In addition to assessing teaching and learning effectiveness in courses, IDEA also recognizes the impact of administrative and departmental leadership in creating a campus climate that supports student success. Through its Leadership Feedback Systems, for example, IDEA provides feedback, analysis, as well as customized professional development recommendations.

Accreditation Guides

Every institution must tailor its accreditation plan to suit its mission, climate, and unique situation. Campuses can align their use of IDEA systems with their particular program and institutional goals for student achievement and overall institutional effectiveness, and can track, document, and report progress

Professional Standards Guides

In addition to regional and program accreditors, other professional higher education organizations have created frameworks to add structure and clarify to student, programmatic or degree outcomes. Mapping individual IDEA items to these frameworks can be of value to institutions who have adopted them.

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