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Active Learning Versus the Lecture


IDEA Staff

Original air date: June 2017

To put it succinctly, active learning is a strategy that simply has students take chunks of course content and use it in some way to further, and deepen, their understanding of the material. So rather than being passive recipients of content--the way they mostly are when listening to a traditional lecture--students are taking in some information and then doing something with it that exercises their understanding of it. These kinds of active learning exercises can be quite simple and brief, such as the now classic, think-share-pair, or more complex such as a complex problem-based learning project. But it is not just about activity. Working on a project, discussing content, or any seemingly “active” task is not active learning if it doesn’t actually accomplish the goal of improving or deepening their understanding. 

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Active Learning vs. the Lecture Transcript [PDF]

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