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Current and Future Uses of Augmented Reality in Higher Education - IDEA Paper 81


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Augmented-reality (AR) technology, and its impacts on teaching and learning, have already made their way into elementary, secondary, and higher-education classrooms. The authors discuss why AR matters in the higher-education context, and they describe current examples of AR use that can enhance teaching and learning across multiple fields in higher education, including but not limited to medical education, language learning, and science. They also review AR’s pedagogical benefits as well as its challenges and conclude by offering tips for implementing AR in higher education. Although some may be hesitant to adjust their curriculum to accommodate AR, higher-education professionals should at least be aware of how augmented reality can shape teaching and learning, especially as current elementary and secondary students become accustomed to using similar technology in the classroom.

Keywords: Augmented reality, higher education, teaching and learning, benefits and challenges

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