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A Little Time Now Will Pay Off Later
January 4, 2016
By David Pollock  Sometimes it’s better to figure things out for yourself. I’ve learned a lot of software that way—clicking here and there and seeing what happens—using trial and error until I learn how to do what I want to do. It can be an effective way to learn things. But sometimes, you can save a lot of time and trouble if you spend a little time learning before setting out on your own. The IDEA Teaching and Learning Assessment Workshop is one of those opportunities that can jump-start the use of the Student Ratings of Instruction (SRI) instruments on a campus, and not only save you time later as you deploy and use the SRI, but can help you get more use out of it. If you are already using the SRI, the workshop can clarify some things for you and help you use results more effectively. During the 1½ day workshop in Charleston, South Carolina, participants will learn why the IDEA instruments are an effective way of collecting useful data about courses and how that data can be used to improve teaching and learning. What instruments should be used and when should you use them? What do the results mean? How do chairs talk to faculty about the results? How should the reports be used as part of faculty evaluation? How can the SRI be used to address curriculum and accreditation reviews? IDEA staff and users from around the country will gather in this workshop to explore these topics, and more, and have an opportunity to ask questions and deepen their understanding of the instruments. Experts from Campus Labs will also be present to answer questions about the use of the online platform. Join us February 1-2 in historic Charleston, South Carolina to better understand, implement, interpret, and apply the Student Ratings of Instruction System. A little time invested now will pay off later.

Seats are limited in this small workshop. Register before it’s too late.

Charleston Workshop

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