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The Research Behind IDEA2
February 2, 2015
By Steve Benton  You’ve probably heard by now that we are rolling out an updated version of IDEA Student Ratings of Instruction (SRI)—IDEA2. We are very excited about the revision instrument and hope our clients will be too. As with any survey, IDEA2 is backed by years of extensive quantitative and qualitative research. Those efforts have culminated in the soon-to-be-released IDEA Technical Report No. 18: Revising the IDEA Student Ratings of Instruction System, 2002-2011 Data. The report describes the updating process, including the creation of the IDEA Updating Team and two external expert review panels; interviews with IDEA faculty users and nonusers; findings from focus groups; and cognitive interviews with students. Thorough explanations of statistical analyses conducted on IDEA SRI data detail descriptive statistics about students and instructors, as well validity and reliability evidence. Numerous tables and figures also assist in telling the story of the instrument’s development. The report ends with descriptions of what will soon be a three-instrument student ratings system: Diagnostic Feedback (currently called “The Diagnostic Form”), Learning Outcomes (currently named “The Short Form”), and a new instrument—Teaching Essentials. More on this latter survey will appear in a blog later this semester. In addition, future blogs will provide more information about research described in Technical Report No. 18. Update: Technical Report No. 18 is now available. Happy reading!
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