The IDEA Center Launches SoundIDEA Podcast

Helping students explore potentially volatile topics is a goal of education - but it's not always easy. With the United States Presidential Inauguration a mere day away, the "Difficult Topics" podcast episode takes a hard look at inherently divisive topics in today's current climate and explores how to not only manage, but use such discussions for improving learning.

2016 was a challenging year in many ways with racial, political and other social conflicts rising across the country and around the world,” said David Pollock, Faculty Development Specialist for IDEA and SoundIDEA coordinator. “The Difficult Topics episode dives into how these discussions are and can be handled in a classroom setting.”

"Through partnering with our colleagues in the higher education community, SoundIDEA provides a robust platform for us to explore teaching and learning issues in greater depth,” Ken Ryalls, IDEA President added.  “The initial support from the academic world has been extremely positive. We hope SoundIDEA will further contribute to IDEA's goal of improving learning in higher education."

SoundIDEA, a new production from IDEA for the promotion of ideas about teaching and learning, has just released its most compelling episode to date.  

Podcasts can be streamed directly from the IDEA website and each episode includes a complete transcript as well as supporting material and references. Current episodes include "The Lowly Syllabus" and "Learning Outcomes."  

SoundIDEA is available for subscription and download on iTunes and Stitcher.



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