IDEA Research Digest

The IDEA Research Digest summarizes current research in the areas of teaching and learning, faculty evaluation and development, student ratings of instruction, and leadership development in higher education. 

Each precis reflects key points in a recently published article. The intent is to summarize, not to critically analyze or offer an opinion.

August 2019

Offering Time During Class for Students to Complete Web-based Student Ratings of Instruction Improves Response Rate

"...the combination of reminding students about SRI on multiple occasions and offering time in class to complete the ratings is a relatively simple and effective way to significantly and meaningfully increase response rates."

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A Multi-dimensional Teaching Evaluation of Teachers in Colleges and Universities

"Students have the right to evaluate teachers' teaching..." 

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Using Qualitative Feedback to Make the Student Voice Count 

"...analysis and interpretation of qualitative data empowers students because it increases the likelihood that their voices will be heard." 

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Preparing to Teach the First Day of Class

"...Lang offers several good ideas built around four key principles: build curiosity, build community, get students learning the first day, and deal with expectations."

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