Feedback Report

The IDEA Feedback System for Administrators Report includes interactive features, a “print report” function, and most importantly, data and information including an Executive Summary.  

Take a look at a sample interactive report.

Report Navigation (Features)

This web-based report was designed so that users can interact with the data. Here are a few pointers and features that will help you navigate the report:

  • As you click on each tab, your current tab is highlighted so that you always know where you are in the report.
  • If your survey administration included more that one group of respondents, you will see “drill-down” tables that provide a breakdown of data for each subgroup of raters. The report defaults to the expanded view, and includes the option to collapse the information to simply view the average of all respondents.
  • Guiding questions are provided throughout the report to assist in the interpretation and use of the data. Simply click the arrow to expand.
  • The “Print Report” button allows users to view, save, or print the entire report.
  • “Back to top” buttons have been added at the bottom of each page for ease of navigation

Report Content

Respondent Information:  

  • Respondent information (A) is provided immediately upon opening the report.
  • This information can remain in its expanded form (so that it remains at the top of each tab as you navigate the report) or it can be collapsed and reopened as needed.
  • Information about the respondent information, as well as a report overview, is provided. It is strongly encouraged that first-time users of this report read this section carefully.

Admin report: Respondents

Overall Effectiveness Tab: 

  • The report opens on the Overall Effectiveness tab, which provides the average of all respondents to the two overall summary questions (B)
  • Note the “Expand to see subgroups” and “Collapse to hide subgroups” drop-down options next to the survey item. You can toggle between “expand” and “collapse” as needed (C)
  • The report also lists the number of respondents for each subgroup as well as the full distribution of ratings  (1-5 and Cannot Judge) (D)

Admin report: Overall effectiveness

Admin report: Overall effectiveness subgroups

Administrative Roles and Leadership Characteristics Tabs: 

  • Guiding questions are provided that assist in the interpretation and use of the data.  Read IDEA Best Practices by using the drop-down arrow to expand the window.
  • Note- if the administrator completed the self-assessment on the Administrator Information Form, the administrator’s self-rating is seen as a vertical red line on the bar graph that provides the average rating of all respondents (E)
  • All items on the Administrative Roles and Leadership Characteristics tabs offer drill-down data that includes the number of respondents in each subgroup, mean ratings, self-ratings and distribution of ratings for each item are provided (F)

Administrative Roles: Subgroups

Admin report: Leadership Characteristics

Executive Summary Tab: 
  • The Executive Summary feature provides a list of strengths (when 70% or more of respondents rated Administrative Roles positively (4-5) and when 60% or more of respondents rated Leadership Characteristics positively (6-7) 
  • An additional feature allows the user to sort strengths as identified by each subgroup. Simply click at the top of each column to reorder the strengths as determined by that subgroup (H)

Executive Summary

    Statistical Details Tab 

Statistical Details



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