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​Snapshot is an easy and effective way to gather actionable feedback on things that matter in your classroom.

Students having conversation with instructorOur first Snapshot module - Rapport and Course Design - gathers student feedback on student-faculty engagement and rapport as well as on elements of course design and quality that lead to effective learning.

The questions have been developed by our team of experts and are focused on components of strong co-learning environments such as interaction, organization and effective feedback.

Other Snapshot modules are in development.  


    Snapshot is easy to understand and implement, and produces meaningful and powerful feedback!
    Snapshot can be used by a single faculty member, a department, or adopted at the university level and can be implemented mid-term or end-of-term. 
    Results are delivered within days with feedback broken down by Course Design and student/faculty Rapport categories.
    Results include actionable suggestions for faculty exploration, meant to increase faculty and student success.
    The feedback is benchmarked so that you can compare your results with IDEA's national database.

Set-up is easy with most of the work done by IDEA staff.

Snapshot is confidential.


rapport and course design components and definitions

Engagement and Rapport


Course Design and Quality

Enthusiasm - can articulate why field is important; can elicit excitement for subject

Organization - goals are clearly articulated, structure makes sense

Fairness - sense of fairness around examinations, grading

Rigor - course is stimulating and challenging

Motivation - Challenging the student to perform to the best of his/her ability

Effective teaching - active learning, helpful assignments

Mutual Understanding - connection with student; student/faculty contact

Breadth of coverage - fully understanding the subject at hand

Interaction - student interaction for peer to peer learning

Effective Feedback - uses feedback to guide learning

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