Snapshot is an easy and effective way to gather just-in-time feedback on things that matter in your classroom.

Snapshot is a faculty-driven tool to gather feedback from students at any point in a term to improve instruction and assess course effectiveness. Short modules of questions are selected by faculty to gather information about what is important to them to help improve instruction. It’s easy to understand and implement and produces meaningful and powerful feedback.  Even better - - it's been developed to integrate into your campus' Learning Management System (LMS), making Snapshot a snap to implement on your campus.

Snapshot modules

Course Design and Instruction Lecture
Overall Impressions Feedback and Assessment
Rapport Classroom Discussion
Inclusion and Diversity
Group Learning
Course Syllabus Online Discussion
Online Instruction
Online Course Design
Experiential Learning Service Learning
Lab Experience
One-on-one Instruction

End of course or anytime

Snapshot can be used to get feedback on a course at the end or at any time.

For instance, an instructor wants to quickly get a mid-term read on a new course she is teaching. Are the students understanding the subject? Is she providing timely and effective feedback? 

She selects the Course Design module and the dates she wants her students to take the survey, then students complete the short survey on the course. Results show that her students largely understand the subject matter, but that she could improve the course by providing action-oriented feedback on a more frequent basis. Results include actionable suggestions for faculty exploration, meant to increase faculty and student success. See an example

Similarly, Snapshot can be used to assess the effectiveness of a course at the end of term. Faculty select modules that are most relevant to gather feedback on student perceptions of instruction-related

Adopting Snapshot

Snapshot can be used by a single faculty member, a department, or adopted at the university level. As an online delivery tool, Snapshot produces fast results delivered directly to the instructor with feedback broken down by module. Set-up is easy in your campus LMS.


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