Balanced Faculty Evaluation

Start improving faculty performance today - let IDEA staff help you create a comprehensive and fair faculty evaluation process.

Creating a system of faculty evaluation that contributes to a fair and effective tenure and promotion process can be a challenge. Have you encountered these obstacles on your campus?

  • a process that is too dependent on student feedback alone
  • unclear faculty communication on the evaluation process
  • a performance review process that is considered punitive
  • lack of focus on improving teaching or formative development
  • poor preparation by chairs and deans in their evaluation of faculty

Three ways faculty evaluation can kill morale

Live webinar date - 5/21/2019

This 30 minute webinar covers three, key ways that many faculty evaluation systems not only fail to evaluate faculty effectively, but work to dampen faculty enthusiasm for their work--particularly instruction. 


Access the Faculty Evaluation Policy Review Rubric referenced in this webinar.

Workshops and Trainings

IDEA specialists are experienced in helping campuses create a balanced faculty evaluation process that considers an array of data in evaluating how well faculty teach. Faculty evaluation should be comprehensive, and fair, and include the voice of the student as well as other sources of information such as peer feedback, portfolios, or self-reflection. Let us help you develop a balanced process at your institution that fits your campus priorities and needs.

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using idea SRI as part of a balanced faculty evaluation

    Feedback from student ratings is just one piece of the puzzle. Other forms of information about instructor effectiveness are needed to create an accurate and balanced evaluation. This is especially true when such evaluations are being used for tenure and promotion, merit pay, and other personnel-related decision making. This balanced evaluation of faculty is crucial to an institution’s success at improving instruction as well as ensuring the fair and meaningful evaluation of faculty.

    Learn about IDEA's philosophy for using student ratings as one part of achieving a fair and balanced evaluation process.  Using IDEA's SRI in balanced faculty evaluations.



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