Solutions to Improve Teaching and Learning 

IDEA solutions are built on an extensive, ongoing research platform and provide critical insight to guide personal and programmatic reflection. Each offers targeted feedback for improving personal performance – while having an overall positive impact on your institution.

Our Services

Student Ratings of Instruction

Our signature solution, the IDEA Student Ratings of Instruction instrument (SRI) is like no other system available for translating course feedback into actionable steps to improve learning. The SRI system is supported by extensive research, controls for extraneous circumstances (e.g. class size, student motivation), and provides comparative scores. Faculty and administrators can easily integrate data into program planning, decision making, accreditation and institutional review processes. Through our partnership with Campus Labs, we offer a paperless solution with an intuitive, mobile-friendly interface.

Leadership Feedback Systems

Presidents, vice presidents, deans and directors in all areas of university operations can benefit from the IDEA Feedback System for Administrators. Through its confidential, web-based survey administration, IDEA solicits feedback on 10 pivotal administrative roles and provides data and analysis in a final report.

The Feedback System for Chairs provides feedback and analysis, as well as a customized plan for professional development based on priorities determined by the chair.

Advising Feedback Systems

Quality academic advising is integral to student success. More than just supporting course selection and registration, academic advisors have a unique opportunity to connect with students in a rich and meaningful way.

Consulting Solutions

IDEA staff have a wealth of experience, as well as access to research and resources, to assist individual institutions on a variety of topics such as assessment of characteristics unique to a college or university, accreditation outcomes, faculty development and curriculum mapping

The staff at IDEA are committed to improving learning in higher education through research, assessment and professional development. 

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