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We consult with colleges, universities, and organizations serving higher education to solve problems and improve outcomes. 

Using principles from Design Thinking and Lean Startup, we help campuses make thoughtful, incremental decisions that are realistic and manageable. Once you have created and launched an entire program to solve a problem, it’s too late to discover the approach is not the right one for you. Our consultants help campuses take smaller, testable steps to achieve an approach that produces desired results before throwing everything into one effort that might not work.

From phone conversations to webinars, workshops, and comprehensive campus visits, IDEA offers a number of options to identify and address specific challenges, at the department level or institution-wide.

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IDEA Consulting services are available to both current clients and non-clients.  

balanced faculty evaluation Our most requested service...

IDEA consultants are experienced in helping campuses create a balanced faculty evaluation process that considers an array of data in evaluating how well faculty teach. Faculty evaluation should be comprehensive, and fair, and include the voice of the student as well as other sources of information such as peer feedback, portfolios, or self-reflection. Let us help you develop a balanced process at your institution that fits your campus priorities and needs. 

Hit the play button below on Three Ways Faculty Evaluation Kills Morale - A One Minute Synopsis.

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