Stimulated students to intellectual effort beyond that required by most courses

Challenging students to higher order thinking and to accomplish things they deem as difficult actually motivates deeper learning--when done so effectively.

Do This Today

Find or create a problem for students to solve based on upcoming course content rather than just explaining it to them. Solving problems offers a good opportunity for students to apply, and extend, their cognitive energies. By presenting a problem to solve before you teach the necessary content to do so, you push them to work hard to make sense of the problem and provide motivation for learning new material. In a math class, for instance, give them a problem that uses techniques you have been teaching but which also requires something new you have not yet taught. When they get to that part of the problem they cannot solve, you introduce the new concept. Remember that real-world problems often present the most complexity as well as motivation for students to apply knowledge. 

Remember that this is just an example of how to get started
 with this Teaching Method.



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