Related course material to real-life situations

Making course content relevant not only helps students master it more effectively--by applying it to situations they understand--but helps them understand the importance of learning the content, and therefore, be more motivated for doing so. 

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Some disciplines and topics allow for inclusion of real-life situations more easily than others, but students in nearly all disciplines can benefit from seeing how course content plays out in case studies. When teaching a grammatical issue in a composition course, for example, provide students with a poorly written hypothetical paragraph to correct that is part of some promotional material for a known organization (something really recognizable like Apple or Nike) while keeping in mind the need to reach and motivate the reader as a customer. In a history class, present a real case from current events that mirrors the history being explored and have students detail how the current events align with those of the historical ones, and in so doing, predict possible outcomes. A case study can be used to make most concepts relevant for real-life situations.

Remember that this is just an example of how to get started
 with this Teaching Method.



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