Provided meaningful feedback on students’ academic performance

Frequent and meaningful feedback is a cornerstone of learning. Without it, assessment becomes only a measure of failure rather than a tool for learning.

Do This Today

In the next week, set a goal to briefly review the assessments of all students in one of your classes one at a time and compose a short email to each on how they are doing. The depth of this message will depend on the depth of your analysis, but look for trends or those obvious weaknesses on which you can comment. Your feedback can be about their general learning habits such as, “You have turned in two assignments late, so I am guessing that you need to think about how you organize your time and keep up with assignments.” Or you can comment on specific observations about learning quality such as, “You do well on factual questions on exams, but struggle when I ask you to apply what you have learned on essays. Let me suggest that you review the application questions at the end of each chapter and think through how you would answer them.”

Remember that this is just an example of how to get started
 with this Teaching Method.



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