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Student Voice Matters


IDEA Staff

At IDEA, we have a philosophy that Student Voice Matters. It is a belief shared by our client partners and those dedicated to a holistic view of learning in higher education.

In order to get a complete picture of instruction, we insist that students’ voices be heard as they spend more time observing faculty than anyone else on campus. In order to get a complete view of advising programs, we need their feedback on what works and what doesn't. Student feedback strengthens our teaching, our advising, our programs, and our campuses - it is indisputable.

But to do it right, we need to ask better questions to get better answers. We need to offer support and advice with research to support this philosophy.

Throughout our website you will find a sampling of this support - from articles in the press, to research, to blog postings. We hope you find it informative and reflective of IDEA and it's mission.

If you have questions or want to take a look at a topic in greater detail, please let us know, we welcome the opportunity.


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