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IDEA Gives Back to Teaching and Learning
February 1, 2016
By Dr. Brad K. Mazon Director of Fundraising and Advancement If you follow @IDEAEducation, have visited our LinkedIn page or Giving webpages, or if you have spoken with me, Ken, or Jake, you likely have heard about our newly launched IDEA Impact Grants. During this, our 40th anniversary, IDEA’s ability to give back to teaching and learning practitioners through grants supported by private donations, is an exciting and important extension of our nonprofit mission. These grants will help IDEA leverage our 40 years of research and expertise in ways that have a direct and positive impact on teaching, learning, campus climate issues, and student success. Some overarching principles serve to guide IDEA as we launch our IDEA Impact Grants. These principles include our desire to:
  • Advance the science of faculty development
  • Conduct research on the teaching/learning process
  • Partner with institutions to improve learning
  • Support IDEA's communities of practice
  • Prioritize improving teaching effectiveness
  • Have a national impact on teaching and learning
While these overarching principles provide a broader context within which our grantmaking unfolds, there are some specific principles that are germane to each of the two Impact Grant opportunities. For applications submitted under the Teaching/Learning Grant, we seek to support proposals that demonstrate how our Student Ratings of Instruction, and IDEA’s assessment tools in general, are helpful in strengthening instruction and contributing to student learning. Secondly, we seek to support proposals that demonstrate how certain teaching methods are done well, and how they are tied to student learning. For applications submitted under the Campus Climate Grant opportunity, we are particularly interested in proposals that support student well-being, retention, and student success. We are also interested in proposals that investigate methods to improve faculty recruitment, retention, and professional development, including for adjunct faculty. The Call for Proposals is now live on our website. Proposals are due by 3 pm CDT on Thursday, March 31, 2016. Both the application and the grant expense budget are available in the Eligibility section as hyperlinks denoted in red text. Should you have any questions, please contact Charitable gifts are made to IDEA by generous donors because they recognize the potential of our IDEA Impact Grants to provide much-needed research and best practices for the teaching and learning community. We look forward to facilitating the link between our donors’ support, innovative proposals, and long-term improvements in higher education.
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