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IDEA’s Teaching Essentials: Quick, Sound Student Feedback - IDEA Paper 77


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IDEA’s Teaching Essentials (TE) is a useful tool for gathering student feedback on how frequently an instructor exhibits each of seven behaviors that correlate most highly with student perceptions of course and teaching excellence. TE is appropriate for instructors who desire quick, sound student feedback on (a) displaying personal interest in students and their learning, (b) finding ways to help students answer their own questions, (c) demonstrating the importance and significance of the subject matter, (d) making it clear how each topic fit into the course, (e) explaining course material clearly and concisely, (f) introducing stimulating ideas about the subject, and (g) inspiring students to set and achieve goals which really challenge them. TE’s survey items are based on Chickering and Gamson’s Seven Principles for Good Practice in Undergraduate Education (1987), and they align with Hativa’s (2014) essential dimensions of effective teaching. Thus the instrument enjoys both empirical and theoretical support.

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