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IDEA staff have a wealth of experience, as well as access to research and resources, to assist individual institutions on a variety of topics through our Customized Consulting Services.  Our consulting services are available to both clients and non-clients.

teaching and learning consulting services

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Accreditation Alignment

IDEA’s strategic advisory services provides consulting on accreditation standards that require improvement to be achieved through an ongoing and systematic cycle of evaluation, integrated planning, implementation, and re-evaluation. By building capacity for analytics, our consultants will guide your institution to engage in self-analysis leading to improvement in all areas of learning and teaching.

Available Workshops 

  • Developing an Integrated Curriculum
  • Accreditation and Data-Driven Decision-Making

Consultation and workshops can also be built on topics such as: 

  • Building Analytic Capacity
  • Mapping the Curriculum
  • Tracking and Reporting Progress
  • Using Student Feedback

Faculty Development

IDEA offers professional services designed to improve teaching effectiveness and associated learning outcomes. IDEA can provide your institution with tailor-made workshops on effective teaching strategies, best practices for online course facilitation, and other topics related to teaching effectiveness.

Available Workshops

  • Faculty Development: From Analysis and Implementation to Evaluation

Consultation and workshops can also be built on topics such as: 

  • Engaging the Student
  • Enhancing Academic Skills
  • Implementing Active Learning Strategies
  • Putting Self-Reflection Into Practice

Issues in Higher Education

Identifying issues and opportunities to improve course, program, and institutional outcomes can have strategic implications for your unit and your university. 

Available Workshops

  • Make Your Campus "Lean"  (built on themes from The Lean Startup, by Eric Ries)

Consultation and workshops can also be built on topics such as: 

  • Identifying and Dealing with Bias
  • Developing Effective Faculty Evaluation Systems
  • Measuring Civic Engagement
  • Providing Adjunct Support

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Client Resources staff to learn more.

Research Consulting Services

Survey Development 

IDEA offers assistance with survey development, ranging from the review of existing home-grown instruments to creating questionnaires from scratch. Our team is experienced at writing questions, designing and administering surveys, and conducting item analyses of piloted instruments.   

Available Services

  • Consult on item development
  • Write survey items
  • Develop web-based surveys 

Sample scenario: An institution has decided to revamp their current end-of-course student feedback instrument. The faculty want the instrument to be home-grown and specific to their institution’s needs, but would like assistance with item writing and survey development. 


Data Analysis 

IDEA's team of researchers and statisticians develops quantitative data collection systems and manages large data sets. We conduct higher-order statistical analyses (e.g., regression modeling, Bayesian Model Averaging, structural equation modeling, factor analysis, multivariate analyses). 


Available Services

  • SPSS, R, and Amos statistical packages
  • Custom data analysis of IDEA SRI such as an SRI Diversity/demographics report, an SRI Student success report, or longitudinal analysis
  • Data analysis of home-grown instruments
  • Report writing 

Sample scenario: An institution would like assistance with analyzing the relationships between their IDEA Student Ratings of Instruction (SRI) course data and faculty demographics supplied through the Campus Labs platform. Specifically, they wish to examine the relationships between the SRI and instructor gender, age, ethnicity, race, and academic discipline.


Pre- and Post-Award Services 

IDEA researchers consult with campuses on research designs for proposal development and/or can be included as a resource for analyzing data collected from a funded project. 

Sample Scenario: Faculty in English departments collaborating across multiple institutions plan to submit a grant proposal to request external funding for a project designed to infuse active learning in the classroom. They have developed several outcome measures but need assistance with developing a student satisfaction survey and with post-award services for evaluating the project. They will need assistance with data management and data analysis, including higher-order statistical analyses. 


Consultation and workshops can also be built on topics such as:

  • Literature review and report writing
  • Balanced faculty evaluations
  • Implementing data-informed decision making on your campus
  • Assistance in analyzing your Aggregate Data File (ADF)
  • Student Affairs Assessment

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