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Thanks to the contributions of our donors, IDEA is able to further support those who are working so hard to improve teaching and learning in higher education.

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We are pleased to recognize the following donors:

Grace Akers

Scott and Liz Evans

David Pollock

Ansari Family

T. Gill

Bob Pritchard

Astrid Avedissian

Frank and Maureen Goyette

Patrick Rossol-Allison

Jeanne M. Balcom

Lauren and Charlayne Graves

Darcy Ruhl

Jason Barr

Anna Howard

Kenneth Ryalls

Steve and Sherry Benton

Erik. A. Jenkins
In honor of Justin Miller

James A. and Beth M. Sheppard

Evelyne Berezovsky

Lallitha John

Ryan Shoemaker

Dan Bernstein

Tara Kai

Darrell Sims

Janell Blunt

Bradley Kramer

Samuel Sumeracki

Sarah L. Boggs



Larry Braskamp

Brad K. Mazon

Asya and Lev Tcherniak

Sebastien Brilli

Roger W. McHaney

Carolyn Torgersen

Charlie and Connie Busch

J. Jay Miller

Ed and Dianne Torgersen

Mark and Ruth Campfield

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Miller

University of Wyoming Foundation

Jason and Beth Caniglia

Dee Mullin

Todd, Kari and Sophia Wallentine

Barb Carter

John Nestojko

Fabian Weinstein-Jones

Thomas Coates

Brian Niehoff and Usha Reddi

Jon Wergin


Bill Pallett

Carmen Vierula

Chase Cookson

Charles R. Phillips

Veronica Yan




The list reflects annual giving based on date of gift.

Generous contributions from donors have already made a difference in teaching, learning, and student success in higher education.

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