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Our Fundable Projects offer donors and sponsors the ability match their philanthropic passion to specific projects that may more closely align with their giving interests. Some projects have been collaboratively developed by IDEA staff and our higher education partners, while other projects were identified through our most recent IDEA Impact Grant process.

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fundable projects

In alphabetical order by institution or organization name.

Fundable Projects will be posted on the IDEA website and promoted for a period of six months, before rotating off to make room for new projects.  Each project's funding goal varies in amount and progress towards those goals will be posted twice a month.  If a project does not meet its funding goal after six months, those charitable dollars will be used towards the next round of IDEA Impact Grants.

Creighton University

creighton university

Project Title

How to Build a Culture of Trust in Higher Education

Project Description

There is a critical need to focus on our educational institutions and how they can be specifically designed to help scholars, practitioners, decision-makers, and students accelerate their learning on how to build a culture of trust.  With a goal to begin to talk about trust and to understand its role more deeply within higher education this project seeks to continue and extend the exploration of trust in higher education.  We propose to use poetry to dialog about and identify examples of trust at work in our higher education community and deepen the intellectual engagement of faculty within higher education about building trust.  Donations to this Fundable Project will support the hosting of a professional development workshop for the core faculty in the Department of Interdisciplinary Studies in the Graduate School at Creighton University and will support a student research assistant that will help the project use formative data in an ongoing data collection process to study how to build a culture of trust in higher education.



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University of Massachusetts (Lowell)

University of Massachusetts (Lowell)

Project Title: 

Teaching the Science of Learning

Project Description:

Can the Science of Learning be Taught? Researchers at the University of Massachusetts, Lowell are creating a series of videos and exercises promoting evidence-based learning strategies that instructors and students can utilize. These stand-alone Science of Learning materials will demonstrate cognitive findings that apply directly to learning and are easy to implement in a classroom setting, and easy for students to use on their own. The posters have been accessed by thousands of people. Donations to this project will be used to translate these posters into other languages so that a more diverse audience can be reached.


$1,000 per language.

Contributions as of 12/23/2016

$1,000 - GOAL MET to complete one translation!
Additional contributions will fund more translations.

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University of Michigan

The regents of the university of michigan

Project Name

Instructor Writing Assignment Workbook Guide for Better Learning in STEM

Project Purpose

As Fareed Zakaria, author of the book In Defense of a Liberal Education states “No matter how strong your math and science skills are, you still need to know how to learn, think and even write.”  

The use of effective writing assignments in “STEM” (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) higher education has been shown to support deep learning, critical thinking skills, and greater understanding of the values, ways of thinking, and methods of discourse used to engage in a particular discipline. The problem is that writing is vastly underutilized in STEM courses – some courses require no writing at all and others ask students to complete assignments that are of low quality. Implementing high-quality writing assignments in STEM classrooms requires addressing two issues: 1) the dilemma that the STEM instructor is a content expert but is generally not an expert in writing; and 2) the content expert often feels they don’t have time to incorporate writing assignments.   

This project addresses both of these issues by creating a free, downloadable workbook with revised “makeover” assignments based on actual writing assignments collected from faculty across the country, as well as other tools for STEM faculty to use in creating or revising a writing assignment.  

Project Investigator

Ella August, PhD, MA, MSElla August headshot
Dr. August is an Assistant Clinical Professor at the University of Michigan, holds a PhD in Epidemiology, an MS in Nutrition, and an MA and BA in Writing. 



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