2018 Grant Guidelines and Application

For 2018, the Impact Grant Program is focusing on areas of research interest to IDEA. The Impact Grant Program is open to US-based higher education institutions (colleges and universities) and we welcome proposals from both IDEA client-partners and non-clients.


This year, the process will be in two parts:

  • A two-page Letter of Inquiry - application closed March 6, 2018 at 4:00 p.m. Central Time
  • Invited Full Proposals - closed


IDEA welcomes proposals that examine the effects of integrating multiple measures of teaching effectiveness (e.g., student ratings of instruction [SRI], peer ratings, instructor self-assessment) into faculty development and/or evaluation in higher education, and methods for increasing student response rates to SRI* at higher education institutions.

Examples of possible research questions on faculty development and/or evaluation: 

  • What are the effects of receiving student feedback at mid-semester on end-of-course student ratings? 
  • Are the effects of student feedback enhanced when combined with consultation?
  • What are the effects of student feedback and consultation on student ratings across courses taught by the same instructor? 
  • How might multiple sources of evidence be integrated into a balanced teaching evaluation system? 

Examples of possible research questions on student response rates: 

  • What are the effects of group incentives on response rates to student ratings?
  • What student characteristics distinguish early from late responders to student ratings?
  • * For the grant program, the term - Student Ratings of Instruction (SRI) - is used to cover all formal student feedback or evaluation programs used to measure learning.

Other information

  • Each applicant is eligible for one grant in an amount not to exceed $10,000
  • Timeframe for grant implementation should span no more than two years
    Please contact grants@ideaedu.org with any questions. 

2018 Impact Grant Dates of Interest

  • March 6, 2018 - Letter of Inquiry due
  • March 19, 2018 - Selected schools/programs notified of invitation to submit full proposal.  Proposal guidelines sent at this time.
  • April 13, 2018 - Full Proposals due
  • on or about May 7, 2018 - Grant(s) Award Announcement

Letter of Inquiry Process Detail

The Letter of Inquiry submission closed March 6, 2018 at 4:00 p.m. Central Time.

Here is a little more about the process this year...

A Letter of Inquiry allows IDEA to quickly assess if there is a good match between IDEAs interests and the project. If it appears to be a good match, we will request a full proposal. 

Letters of Inquiry are submitted online, contain the following components, and should be no more than two pages in length when completed:

Opening Paragraph or summary statement. Please briefly cover the following: 

  • Who wants to do what? 
  • How much is being requested? 
  • Is this a portion of a larger project cost? 
  • Over what period of time is money being requested? (should be no more than two years)

Statement of Need: 

  • Explain what issue you are addressing.
  • Explain why you have chosen to respond to this set of issues in the way that you have.
  • State briefly why this matters in the area in which you will be working.
  • Note who benefits. 

Project Activity: The "what" and "how" of the project. 

  • Give an overview of the activities involved. 
  • Give details to the degree that space allows.
  • Highlight why your approach is novel and deserving of the special attention that funding connotes.
  • Indicate if there will be a collaboration with other organizations and what their roles will be. Be specific about who does what.


  • State the specific outcomes you hope to achieve.
  • Indicate how evaluation is part of the project. 
  • How will you know you've achieved these outcomes?


  • Demonstrate why your institution or your staff is best equipped to carry out this activity.
  • Put any historical background about the institution here.
  • Indicate awards, rankings, and tangible measures that set you apart from your peers.

Budget (Should be no more than $10,000 to be expended over no more than two years):

  • General description of the projects funding needs and the total amount of request.

Closing and Signature 

  • Include a contact name and contact information.

Letter of Inquiry Application

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