IDEA is a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving learning in higher education. Through our research, we provide teaching and learning resources for faculty and leaders, which we make available to all of higher education in fulfillment of our mission. Yet, as every athlete who seeks to improve individual performance knows, access to resources only gets you so far. Elite athletes know that to finely hone their skills, they need to focus and base training efforts on expert assessment and feedback.

At IDEA, we know this, too. So, we strive to help faculty and leaders improve performance through targeted development using IDEA research-based instruments and services. IDEA Feedback Systems include teaching and learning assessment through the Student Ratings of Instruction System (SRI), as well as leadership assessment using the Chair and Administrator Feedback Systems. We are the experts on whom you can rely to improve your performance.

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Student Ratings of Instruction

The IDEA SRI is like no other system available for translating course evaluations into actionable steps to improve learning. The SRI system is supported by extensive research, controls for extraneous circumstances (e.g. class size, student motivation), and provides comparative scores. Faculty and administrators can easily integrate data into program planning, decision making, accreditation and institutional review processes. Through our partnership with Campus Labs, we offer a paperless solution with an intuitive, mobile-friendly interface.

Feedback System for Administrators

Designed for executive leaders in higher education settings, IDEA’s web-based Feedback System for Administrators gathers impressions on administrative styles, confidence, and job performance, while also identifying areas for improvement.

Feedback System for Chairs

Department Chairs, as well as Academic Program Directors, are called upon to exercise a wide range of skills including curriculum assessment, faculty development, strategic planning and financial management. IDEA provides chairs the resources to strengthen their leadership skills and focus on individualized improvement strategies. The System includes a report of findings based on faculty perceptions and self-assessment, as well as a development plan customized to specific priorities as identified by the chair.


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